Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goodbye Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson


From the back of the book:

Charley's off to Scotland with her new beau, and Scotty and her dad travel to Maine in search of Scotty's mom. That's not all they're looking for, though. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about faith. Scotty's faced with her bitterness toward Karissa and what it means to live a "Jesusy extraordinary" life. Shouldn't forgiveness play a role in that? And when Scotty and her dad land on her mother's last known trail, will their questions finally be answered?

My Thoughts:

I LOVED THIS BOOK! You can see how Scotty has grown in her relationship with God, and how she goes through so much pain and yet, in the end, she comes out gaining so much. She comes out with a better understanding of faith, and she ends up with everything she could have ever wanted.

It isn't everything SHE wanted--but it's what God had for her, which is WAY better than she could have ever asked for.

She learns how to love the people you think are unlovable, but Scotty realizes it's just an outer shell of protection she sees. Scotty meets all kinds of new and terrific people who end up being her "family"--the family she's always wanted to have.

By the end, you can see how she grows, her family grows, and how it is all created by God and her love for Him. These books taught me that it doesn't matter what age you are or how long you've been in Christ. You'll grow, you'll learn...and while you may get hurt, you'll benefit from it all in the long run.

This book taught me that, if I want to do something for teens my age and younger, and if I just put myself out there and stop being afraid of what I don't know...well, who knows? Maybe I'll be able to help someone who's in need of help, and may bring them to God... my Mom does.

Till then, hold my place for me!


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