Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Society, Book One of The Forbidden Doors series by Bill Myers

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From the back of the book: Ouija boards, amulets, charm pouches...just kid's stuff, right?

At least, that's what Rebecca and Scott think when they first move to Crescent Bay. Then they run into the Society--a select group of students who practice occultic rituals using these objects...a group that decides that Becka and Scott are a threat to them and to their powers.

Soon brother and sister discover the hidden power behind the "games" and the dangerous consequences for those standing in its way.

Witness the final showdown, when Scott and Rebecca must trust God's unseen power more than the very real power of darkness before their eyes.

My Thoughts on This Book: I think that this book shows you that there are real things that are not of God, and it also shows that there are people like us--Christians--who are filled with the power to help destroy those who help the enemy.

I also think that it proves that these things are real, but are not to be messed with. They are evil, and dangerous, and if you mess with them, there will be dire consequences. There may not be someone there to save you, like someone was there for Becka and Scott.

You have to decide for yourself, what would God want you to do?

Til then, save my place for me!


Beyond Reach by Melody Carlson

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The Back of The book: Exhausted by her role in the dramatic rescue of Kayla Henderson, Samantha McGregor is ready for a vacation from her God-given visions. But when Sam gets her wish and the visions actually go on hiatus, she's beginning to wonder is she's lost her spiritual gift forever. To make matters worse, her police friend Ebony needs her help!

Peter Clark has been dead for several years, an open-and-shut case of suicide, but Ebony's not convinced. Why would he do it? And why does Ebony suspect foul play? Sam has been no help in the investigation, and just when she's lost all hope, God gives her a vision of a guy jumping from a railroad bridge. Suddenly, the floodgate open and all of Sam's visions involve suicide.

Who is the guy? And what does this have to do with Peter's death? It's a race against the clock as Sam worries about every brown-haired guy she meets: her lab partner, Olivia's rocker friend, Peter's little brother--they all fit the description!

Whoever the guy in her vision is, his identity is just beyond Sam's reach, and he's definitely losing his grip fast...Trusting God will will lead her, Sam's determined to send a message of hope and find him before he gives up.

My thoughts: This book shows even more that God does have special gifts for us, and that they do help others. They aren't just fake gifts, but actually God given gifts, and that they are pretty cool.

God chooses when and how for us to use them. I think this would be a good book for any teenager who is curious about gifts from God and what they can do. Not all gifts are the same, but Samantha shows us that any gift from God used for Him is important.

Sometimes the gift is making someone happy, or knowing when someone's upset about something and needs to talk. They are not all the same; they are all different, but they are all important.

Find out what your gift from God is, and use it for Him.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bad Connection by Melody Carlson

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From the back of the book: Samantha McGregor knows that Kayla Henderson likes to break the rules,considers partying an "extracurricular" activity,and can't stand her parents. Fine. That's Kayla's thing. Samantha's not even surprised when Kayla goes missing.

Hadn't she been saying she was going to take off, to go meet her online "boyfriend" in person? It might not be the smartest move in the world, but Kayla would be okay. She always was.

Then the vision comes...and reveals that Kayla is far from okay. Samantha freaks. Was her vision from God or just imagined? If Kayla's really in danger, what can Samantha do? Only one person can help her: Detective Ebony Hamilton, her father's former colleague.

Now this unlikely pair must work against the clock...and the system...to patch together the truth and find Kayla...before it's too late.

My thoughts: I think that this book shows us what a real God given gifts can do.I also think It shows us how to use it not abuse it. I love that it give you a sense that you can do more then you can ever know.

I'm planning on reading this entire series, and posting reviews on all of them.

Til then, hold my place for me!


Welcome to Books 4 Teens!


My name's KT and I'm going to be reviewing books for teens ages 13 and up. I'm going to pick books that are good for you and have a strong God message in them. AND that your parents will like, because my mom likes them too!

I will be happy to take requests or suggestions on what to read. I'd also be up for authors sending me books to review like they do for my mom. Once in awhile I'll review something that's not Christian but that is a good, clean book to read.

I'm a junior in high school, so you may not see me around as much as my mom, but trust me, I'll be reading!

Til then, hold my place for me!