Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Society, Book One of The Forbidden Doors series by Bill Myers

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From the back of the book: Ouija boards, amulets, charm pouches...just kid's stuff, right?

At least, that's what Rebecca and Scott think when they first move to Crescent Bay. Then they run into the Society--a select group of students who practice occultic rituals using these objects...a group that decides that Becka and Scott are a threat to them and to their powers.

Soon brother and sister discover the hidden power behind the "games" and the dangerous consequences for those standing in its way.

Witness the final showdown, when Scott and Rebecca must trust God's unseen power more than the very real power of darkness before their eyes.

My Thoughts on This Book: I think that this book shows you that there are real things that are not of God, and it also shows that there are people like us--Christians--who are filled with the power to help destroy those who help the enemy.

I also think that it proves that these things are real, but are not to be messed with. They are evil, and dangerous, and if you mess with them, there will be dire consequences. There may not be someone there to save you, like someone was there for Becka and Scott.

You have to decide for yourself, what would God want you to do?

Til then, save my place for me!


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