Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Playing With Fire by Melody Carlson


The Back of the Book:

Samantha's brother Zach, is finally home after a 90 day rehab for his meth addiction, and life seems to be getting back to normal. That is, until Sam started having dreams about dangerous situations involving drugs. But her visions are so vague that she doesn't know who needs help.

Of course, she's worried about Zach staying clean, especially since he's hanging with the wrong crowd. But the whole school seems to be buzzing about drugs, and Sam doesn't know who's using and who's not.

What is wrong with these people? Then Sam has a vision of a burning cabin, and this time someone has been shot. Convinced that Zach is involved somehow, Sam chooses to leave Detective Ebony Hamilton out of the loop. If Zach really is involved, this will land him in jail for sure!

But her own investigation is getting too hot to handle, and Sam must decide whether to risk getting Zach in trouble with the law--or ultimately risk his life.

My Thoughts: "Playing With Fire" is riviting. The story keeps you on your toes, and I think it is better than the first two books in this series. You won't put the book down until you find out who's behind the whole drug thing and if Zach is involved.

The fact that Sam had to deal with school, family, her brother getting out of rehab, plus the fact that she had her "own" troubles to deal with, PLUS a project no one else could know about but Ebony complicated her life...

Then there were the questions: was it really her brother? Was is someone SHE hooked her brother up with? Is it one of her OWN friends behind this mystery?

I guess you'll have to read it to find out for yourself!! Melody Carlson has a great way of writing. She can put you right there in the story along with the characters, and she makes it so vivid it's kind of like YOU'RE Sam. I think she's an amazing writer and phenomenal author.

A person who can write a book like this for teens has a great mind and potential for even more awesome stories!

Till then, hold my place for me!


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ForstRose said...


I'm one of your mom's blogger friends, Melissa. It looks like you've found some great suspense books in this Melody Carlson series. I wish I had more time or fewer books I want to read. I'll add these to my wish list but it might be awhile before I get to them.

Your mom knows her books and writes some great reviews, its neat to see you doing the same for teens.