Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

My Thoughts: I know that this is blog about books for teens, but God put this in my heart to say today.

I know that a lot of you teens watch TV shows that you just love. Well, there is this new TV show that just came out and, like many girls, I had to see it.

At first it had a good message, but now it has strayed from their main point.

They were trying to help stop teens from having sex, but then some of their main characters started messing around, having sex and not taking it seriously.

I don't see how we as teens are supposed to get the message to not have sex at our age from a TV show like this. When they make it look like it's no big deal, many teens treat sex and hooking up like no big deal.

Just like in the movie Juno, the people behind this show are making it seem too easy and not all that life changing. I thought that this show would take this whole teen sex thing seriously, but it didn't and what does that say to us teens today?

That it's OK to have sex; that it's just fun and cool. Well, I have news for people that make movies and shows like this stuff. What you guys put out there for us to see does happen to have an effect on us.

We do listen to what you say in your shows and movies, and sometimes act on what you show us is OK to do. I know of teens that have had sex and gotten pregnant and have flipped out and didn't know what to do.

So for you teens out there, please talk to your mom or dad. Don't get your sex advice from the TV, books, magazines or movies.

Till then, hold my place for me.


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Tricia Goyer said...

Thank you for sharing this. I totatlly agree!