Saturday, December 20, 2008

Missed My Chance...

Just last week I found out that a girl I went to school with passed away. She was younger then me. I meet her in guitar class. She was amazing. I thought that she had some thing going for her.

She graduated and moved on. I forgot about her in the business of my education and life.

And then my dad called from work to tell me that she and two other girls died of some kind of carbon monoxide poison. This just shows me that we are never to young to die.

So be wise when you do something or make a decision because it could al ways be your last one . I'm praying that she knew Jesus, because I missed my chances to tell her about the love that God has for everyone.

But I will never miss another chance like that ever again.

God loves you SO much that He came to Earth as a baby--Jesus. Jesus lived a perfect life, and was God here on Earth with us. I can't explain it, but the Book of John in the Bible explains it great. Jesus died a horrid death to pay for all the wrong stuff we do.

The Bible calls it sin--which is missing the mark. We can't hit God's mark of perfect, but Jesus was able to. So He died for us. Then, to prove He was God, He rose again back to life after three days. No other religious person in history ever did that.

Just Jesus.

And He wants to take away your sin, make your life worth living, and show you a better way to live.

Maybe I don't explain it so well, but I know it's true. And I want to see all of you in Heaven one day. Jesus is the only way. It's not popular, but truth isn't always popular.

Like the truth that we could all die any day.

It doesn't matter that we're young. She was younger than me. Now, she's gone.

This Christmas, think about that.

And take the greatest Christmas gift ever given--Jesus.


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