Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dark Power Collection By Bill Myers


From The Back Of The Book:

Some doors are better left unopened. Some doors, you don’t want to find out what lies behind them. In the Forbidden Doors series by bestselling author Bill Myers, teenager Rebecca “Becka” Williams, her younger brother Scott, and her friend Ryan Riordan are swept into heart-stopping encounters with an all-too-real invisible world—a world fraught with deception and spiritual adversaries that promise goodness and enlightenment but will stop at nothing to destroy life, sanity, and human souls.

Witchcraft. Reincarnation. Ouija Boards. UFOs. Shamanism. Counterfeit spiritualities are widespread and popular with spiritually searching young adults such as Becka’s peers. What’s the harm? Find out.

Join Becka, Scott, and Ryan as they head for mind-bending clashes between the forces of darkness and the kingdom of God. Combining meticulous research, realistic settings, and masterful storytelling, the Forbidden Doors novels take you from the mountains of New Mexico to the inner workings of a secret society—and into the truth of God’s Word, which exposes lies and reveals the reality of spiritual warfare. Each volume in the series contains three books that center around a particular kind of Forbidden Door.

Book One: Dark Powers contains The Society, The Deceived, and The Spell; Book Two: Invisible Terror contains The Haunting, The Guardian, and The Encounter; Book Three: Deadly Loyalty contains The Curse, The Undead, and The Scream; Book Four: Ancient Forces contains The Ancients, The Wiccan, and The Cards

My Thoughts: I have been a big fan of the Bill Myers book series called "Forbidden Doors" for a long time, and when the new editions of the books came out I flipped out! I told my mom that I had to get them, even though I already had the old ones.

I love the way that all the books that have similar themes are put into one book. It makes it so much more fun to read them all at once.

Even though I have already read them before, they still make me sit on the edge of my seat. We need to know the dangers of these occult things, but we don't need to get into them to discover what they are all about.

Bill Myers has provided a way to get educated while learning what Scripture says about each topic. Don't be fooled, though! These books can be chilling. I'm so glad my mom got these for me. I plan on re-reading the rest of the series.

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