Sunday, June 15, 2008

Serenity #1:Bad Girl In Town


From The Back of The Book: Everyone Needs a Little Serenity --- or Do They?

She's only five feet tall and 98 pounds - but she's one tense bundle of attitude and anger.

Serenity's life is a mess on every front. Now she's got one last shot at a fresh start...but her new school seems to just be adding new problems.

Being the "New Kid" isn't making life any easier. But her friends might have just what she's been searching for - if they don't drive her crazy first.

My Thoughts:

I read this manga series a long time ago and I still love to read them. They make me laugh so much. The storyline has made me think about my unsaved friends and how some of them are probably thinking about my faith some times.

And then I think about how can I help them see that what I believe is true. I've learned that, sometimes, you just have to pray for them.

Till Next Time Hold My Place

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