Saturday, June 21, 2008

Serenity #7:Space Cadet vs. Drama Queen


From The Back Of The Book: Serenity Stars in a Movie that's Really Out of This World

It's Life! Camera! Action! for Serenity and her pals when they set out to film their own sci-fi movie. “Space Cadet vs. Drama Queen” features two stories--the continuation of Serenity's adventures plus a bonus "movie" story that Serenity and her friends have filmed, "Terror from the Tarantula Nebula"--a high-adventure thriller complete with aliens, a mysterious princess, and one scary spider.

Ever the diva, Serenity steals the scene as she tussles with her friends and feuds with her mom. Can the gang hold it together long enough for the movie to wrap, or will they put Serenity on the first spaceship outta here?

My Thoughts: Now these manga have two stories in one book--isn't that great!

In this book they are making movies, fun and thrilling movies on their own.

And there's so much drama in this one that it's THAT good.

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