Monday, June 23, 2008

Serenity #9: Choosing Chang!


From The Back Of The Book: A Night at the Drive-in Leaves Serenity Reeling

Serenity decides the best way to make Derek jealous is by dating other guys. But the date she arranges forces her to decide what she really wants in a relationship. Who knew trying to do the right thing could be so confusing?

Then, Serenity and her pals film another mini-movie--this one a Biblical epic, "Esther, Queen of Persia." Whisked away to take part in a royal beauty contest, lovely young Esther realizes there may be a purpose and plan to life beyond what she can imagine.

My Thoughts: I love the two books in one thing--it is so cool!

People, you have got to read these books--they are so great for any teenager.

These books will teach you stuff about yourself you never would think of.

They make you think more than ever about stuff that really matters.

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